Released Sounds

21/ Rdeča Raketa & Natascha Gangl – Wendy.Pferd.Tod.Mexico a soundcomic / CD
Titel: Wendy.Pferd.Tod.Mexico
Format: CD in the BOX with art comic book, 3 singles and a bag
50 pieces in total / for sale 33

Concept and Production: Maja Osojnik
Inspired by the Soundcomic „Wendy Pferd Tod Mexico“ by Natascha Gangl & RDEČA RAKETA
Based on „Wendy fährt nach Mexiko“, a Novel by Natascha Gangl, RITTER Verlag 2015.

Artwork Book: Maja Osojnik and Natascha Gangl and Benefactions by Toño Camuñas, Martin Egger, Birgit Kellner, Matija Schellander and Klaus Wohlgemuth.
Book Design, Production & Reparation: Franziska Füchsl and Maja Osojnik.
Binding Design © Maja Osojnik.

Text: natascha gangl
Music: RDEČA RAKETA (maja osojnik & matija schellander) Mixing: matija schellander
Mastering: martin leitner
produced 2018

MAM#01, “CHICKEN / DIE TOTEN”, single, 2018.
MAM#02, “MI CORAZON / Where do the flies go at night?”, single, 2019
hand printed bag, 2018-2021
MAM#05, ART-COMIC-BOOK, 2018-2023

friendly supported by SKE Fonds, BMKOES /music & literature

WENDY PFERD TOD MEXICO premiered in 2018 on Kunstradio-Radiokunst Ö1 and has so far celebrated over 25 LIVE performances across Europe, including translations into Spanish, English, Slovenian and Polish, and was awarded 1st prize at the Berlin Radio Play Festival, 2018.

20/ Rdeča Raketa & Natascha Gangl – DIE REVANCHE DER SCHLANGENFRAU (the revenge of a snakewoman) – soundcomic for Unica Zürn / 12”
Titel: die revanche der schlangenfrau
Format: LP Vinyl & download code
100 pieces in total / mini limited series of prints with cynotype & linoprint
series finished 2022/ 1-6/I., 1-6/II., 1-13/IV.

Rdeča Raketa: Composition, Mixing
Natascha Gangl: Text
Maja Osojnik: Artwork & Graphic Design & Print
Matija Schellander: Premastering
Rashad Becker: Mastering

(c) 2022 Mamka Records
All rights reserved by Rdeča Raketa & Natascha Gangl & Mamka Records
Supported by SKE-Fonds

19/ Rdeča Raketa – …AND CANNOT REACH THE SILENCE / 12”
Titel: …and cannot reach the silence
Format: LP Vinyl & download code
in collaboration with VENTIL RECORDS & MAMKA RECORDS
300 pieces in total /
200 in original print order here or visit VENTIL RECORDS
SPECIAL LIMITED EDITIONS (working with various artists) on Mamka Records

Rdeča Raketa: Composition, Cover art & Photos
Maja Osojnik: Lyrics, Graphic Design
Leonie Spitzer: Photo Firenze
Matija Schellander: Mix
Rashad Becker: Mastering

(c) 2021 Ventil Records & Mamka Records
All rights reserved by Rdeča Raketa
Supported by SKE-Fonds

18/ Rdeča Raketa & Natascha Gangl – SUPERANDOME – SUPER RANDOM ME / 7”
Format: Vinyl Single & download code, recycled Papier & Linolprint
Limited Edition: 210 Stück

Cover Artwork: Maja Osojnik
Graphics & Linocut: Maja Osojnik
Recorded & Mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Catalogue number: MAM03
All rights reserved by Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa
Supported by SKE-Fonds & Kunstradio – Radiokunst (Ö1)

Each individual record is its own uniquely woven and hand-printed specimen. Woven from the randomly selected strips of paper, cutting remnants from the other works. Moments from the #neonwestern
#audio-diverse #soundcomic WENDY PFERD TOD MEXIKO (WENDY HORSE DEATH MEXICO), a production by the author Natascha Gangl and the electro-acoustic duo Rdeča Raketa (Osojnik & Schellander), are newly collaged and remixed on this single (in gold colored vinyl), resulting in two filmic miniatures that create new interpretations and listening experiences, and stand alone as works of art in their own right. The sound comic WENDY PFERD TOD MEXIKO was first presented at Ö1 – Kunst Radio and awarded the first prize of the Berlin Radio Play Festival in 2018.

limited edition 210 pieces, hand woven and block printed covers, each and every unique, gold vinyl, please contact me or my new label MAMKA records for order and choosing your own beauty.
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17/ Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa – MI CORAZÓN / 7”
Title: Mi Corazón
Format: Vinyl Single & download code, Linolprint
Limited Edition: 200
A-Side: Where do the flies go at night? (5:07)
Lyrics: Natascha Gangl
Music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

B-Side: Mi Corazón (4:55)
Lyrics: Natascha Gangl
Music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

photo by sara zlanabitnig

Cover Drawings: Maja Osojnik & Natascha Gangl
Graphics & Linocut: Maja Osojnik
Recorded & Mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Catalogue number: MAM02
all rights reserved by Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa
supported by SKE-Fonds & Kunstradio – Radiokunst (Ö1)

limited edition, hand block printed covers, each and every unique, moos green vinyl, please contact my new label MAMKA records for order and choosing your own beauty.
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16/ Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa – CHICKEN / 7”
A-Side: Chicken (3’20”)
lyrics: Maja Osojnik & Natascha Gangl
music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

B-Side: Die Toten (4’55’’)
lyrics: Natascha Gangl
music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

artwork CHICKEN: Toño Camuñas
graphics & linocut, print: Maja Osojnik
recorded & mixed 2017, Rdeča Raketa
mastered 2018 by Martin Siewert
all rights reserved by natascha gangl, rdeča raketa
supported by SKE-Fonds & Kunstradio – Radiokunst (Ö1)
limited edition, hand block printed covers, each and every unique, moos green vinyl, please contact my new label MAMKA records for order and choosing the color.
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15/ Maja Osojnik – LET THEM GROW / DBL LP & CD
Labels: Rock Is Hell, CD on Unrecords, february 2016
music & lyrics by maja osojnik
instruments: vocals, field recordings, paetzold bass recorder, e-bass, melodica, toys, glockenspiel, radios, cassette recorders, abandoned pianos, installation tubes, electronic setup with dj cd player and different guitar pedals, mooger fooger
sampled artists:
tamara wilhelm – electronic samples on #4
manu mayr – double bass samples on #2, #15,#16
matija schellander – double bass samples on #2, #8
patrick wurzwallner – drums samples on #8, #9)
all recorded, edited and produced 2013 – 2015 by maja osojnik
main vocals recorded by oliver brunbauer at hotel PUPIK, 2015
mixed by patrick pulsinger at feedback studio I, 2015
master & cut by rashad becker, D&M berlin, 2015
artwork by raumschiff engelmayr with friendly assistance from rania moslam, maja osojnik
photos: rania moslam

DBL LP (download code, 180 gr) without shipping 25 €, with shipping 35 € within europe, CD without shipping 15 €, with shipping 19,50 within europe, outside of europe please contact me for order
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14/ L’Image de la Solitude n’est pas nette / vinyl postcard
label: early morning melody, february 2013
(III. movement from the composition Pas de deux, 2011 composed for Dos à Dos, 2012 arranged for Vinylpostcard)
Composition & Electronics & Field Recordings: Maja Osojnik
Recorded and Mixed by Maja Osojnik, Mastered by Kenneth Winkler
Photo: Rania Moslam

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13/ Rdeča Raketa  – Wir Werden / LP
label: god records, january 2013, visit Rdeča Raketa
Wir werden (We will) (godrec11) is the second release of the viennese duo Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander). Wir werden consists of two carefully composed pieces each spanning one side of the vinyl album, organically blending various electronic sound sources and field recordings with acoustic instruments like paetzold recorder, double bass and piano. Opened and closed by spoken word lyrics, Wir werden deals with the past repeating, movements and their absence in front of systems appearing to be crumbling, relationships between people and their inner fears.
Music by Rdeča Raketa, Lyrics by Maja Osojnik
Modular Synthesizer, Double Bass, E-Bass, Paetzold Recorder, Electronic Devices, Field Recordings, Piano, Voice
Recorded and mixed by Rdeča Raketa , Mastered by Rashad Becker for D&M, Design by 3007wien, “untitled” Collage by Dominique Vaccaro
supported by ske-fonds
Photo: Zoe Fotografie< LP without shipping 20 €, with shipping 30 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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12/ Broken.Heart.Collector – broken.heart.collector / CD & double LP
labels: CD by discorporate records dresden / germany (september 2011), CD special edition by moorworks records / japan (nov 2011), LP by rock is hell records & interstellar records / austria (may 2011), visit broken.heart.collector
Völlig zurecht ist dieses Album zum Tipp des Monats ernannt worden. Die österreichisch-slowenische Formation bietet eine wunderbare Mixtur aus jazzigen, noisigen und gelegentlich auch freiformatigen Klängen, die trotz des klaren avantgardistischen Einschlags eigentlich nie völlig strukturlos wird, gelegentlich sogar eingängige Bereiche streift. Ein grandioses Album! (Jochen Rindfrey ,
Music by Broken.Heart.Collector, Lyrics by Maja Osojnik
Recorded at Goon Studios by Manu+Fizl, Mixed by Oliver Brunbauer aka Ollmann at Feedback Studio 2 Vienna, Masterd by Bo Kondren at Calyx Berlin, Design by Mackie Osborne
supported by ske-fonds, öst.musikfonds
Photo: Rania Moslam
Photo: Zoe Fotografie

silk print special edition SOLD OUT! offset 1.edition DBL LP SOLD OUT! silk print 2. edition DBL LP (red vinyl) 10 left / 30 € within europe, CD 15 € within europe, + shipping

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11/ low frequency orchestra – kommen und gehen (DVD)
recorded in Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna (2006), released by University for applied Arts Vienna (2011)

“Das Spiel vom Kommen und Gehen” (“The Coming and Going Show”), an interdisciplinary cooperation between the Low Frequency Orchestra, the media artist Martin Pichlmair and the artist Robert Lettner, transcends the boundaries of composition, design, interpretation and improvisation.
Instead of an ordinary musical score, the performers consult a score of carefully arranged colored strips for instruction, which emerged as a byproduct of one of Robert Lettner’s works of art in 1982.
supported by ske-fonds
_IGP3690 k_g-dvd-1 k_g-dvd-2 k_g-dvd-3
DVD without shipping 25 €, with shipping 31 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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10/ low frequency orchestra & wolfgang mitterer – MOLE /CD
recorded 2008, editing 2009-2010, solo slugs composed and recorded 2010, labels: chmafu nocords, freistil (november 2010)
MOLE is free electroacoustic improvisation – MOLE is a composed digital sculpture.
MOLE is genuine live music, nevertheless it’s undeniable an artifact of the audio studio.
MOLE was played with music instruments, but electronic tools have left their marks and traces.
MOLE is preceded by slugs, compact introductions into the complex, meandering matter of the main piece.
MOLE is immense, but what is it?

“Dit is de jazz. En dit is de geboorte van de jazz” (de Recensent)
“Ein Naturereignis besonderer Handgreiflichkeiten” (freistil)
“A very vibrant piece of rock music” (vital weekly)
“Résister ne sert à rien. […] Une demi-heure grise, d’un gris que l’on n’oublie pas” (Le son du Grisli)
“Musik, so überwirklich wie subversiv” (bad alchemy)
“Es raschelt und rumort vom Feinsten” (aufabwegen)
supported by ske-fonds

CD without shipping 12 €, with shipping 17 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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9/ Maja Osojnik Band – ČRNE VODE (black waters/schwarze wasser) / CD BOOK
slovenian folks songs in new urban clothes, slovenian poets, my songs: melancholic, critical, experimental and unpredictable
label: viennese soulfood records (may 2010)
this album was under TOP 10 best jazz albums of the year in austrian magazine FALTER and was nominated as the best album of the year on the radio student, slovenia.
Lyrics by Maja Osojnik, Christiane Beinl, Fran Milčinski-Ježek, Srečko Kosovel, Simon Gregorčič, Music by Maja Osojnik, Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber, Bernd Satzinger, Recorded & Mixed by Werner Angerer in Recordable Studio, Mastered by Martin Siewert, Design & Photos: 3007wien

“This Vienna is one big fat cremeschnitte,” I thought when I first visited the city as a tourist. To a girl from a small town in Slovenia, everything was so big, so old, so lovely, so truly classy, oh so refined. The mighty architecture, the humongous monuments, the rosy pink Café Aida…. At every corner, kind and merry “Mozarts” would sell you tickets to classical concerts. Oh, the elegant boutiques and restaurants everywhere you looked, and everywhere else, oh, the manicured parks gracing a city! Meanwhile, behind this amazing set erected for the tourists, waiting in the wings, was an even more interesting city. A pulsating city of contradictions: contradictions political, social, and cultural. A city in which everything works fine and, at the same time, nothing does, really. A city which lovingly looks after its cultural heritage, while at the same time it works at repressing its very own memories. A city of splendour, yes, and of squalor. A city always in motion. People are constantly arriving and departing. Every few years, you pack your bags and, if this time you don’t leave the city, you at least move to another neighbourhood, which has its own, entirely new rhythm. It is a city with all manner of cultural and musical ghettos, which here and there, now and again, nevertheless actually touch, embrace, and, yes, even coalesce. All these different ways of enjoying life—these cultures, subcultures, and the sites at which they collide—became the inspiration for my work and  then this project.
Where trade flourishes and culture blooms, there you always find people of many nationalities contributing to the barter. This marketplace of stuff and art makes life colourful, gives it flair. But where there are so many languages, there you also find prejudice. We’re supposed to be living in a society opening to the whole world. Yet, instead of enjoying the melodies and rhythms of a foreign language, people fear and reject the exotic. One language is thought of as the beautiful medium of love and the erotic, while the other is just the language of car thieves and cleaning ladies. Well, I go on believing that we can only profit from conversation and  wide-eyed curiosity. With the present project, I want to lavish attention on all the unknown and foreign that so immeasurably enriches our Vienna. And so I have dedicated each of these fourteen songs to different people who have inspired me, who have affected my life in Vienna so much. They are people whose life journey delivered them here, for whom Vienna is a new home, which sometimes is cold, distrustful, and unwelcoming, but most of the time is warm, and wonderful, and kind.
ČRNE VODE is a collection of Slovenian folk songs and songs by various poets, plus songs of my own. The contents are people’s stories. Life stories: of chance, fate, happiness, unhappiness, of lucky accidents, of  paths that occasionally cross and then even unite; they speak inescapably of death and of love. Here is a dark lake, full of the hidden, lost, or rejected; you fish around  in it until you touch some thing; when you bring it to the surface, you hear a new story. The CD not only brings together many composers and musicians, it also moves among musical genres. Thus it encourages the curious listener to here and there hear, to listen in on, something new. For us musicians and composers, what fun it was to flit from one component to the next.
A year ago, I was visiting Eva and Jochen in Studio 3007 and saw the posters they were just then designing for rhiz. They were wonderful! The graphic compositions played with the thought of impermanence, with life and death. How frail and fragile, how at the same time monstrous and mighty the magnified insects were! There, that was the theme for the project I had long been carrying around in my thoughts: a picture of impermanence, of frailty and fragility and, at the same time, of solidity and strength. The love of detail, the poetry of  living, of remaining, and the poetry of dying, of death. Out of the coming together of our ideas, that harmony, out of the wonderful evenings of conversation, and after hours and hours of work, what was going to be booklet for a CD became a book. So this book, this CD, is not just my project, but belongs as much to Eva and Jochen and the wonderful musicians and translators, all working together. And it belongs to the people the songs are dedicated to, and those who believed in the project and generously supported it—my patrons, its godparents.  And now it belongs to you… Take your time.
supported by ske-fonds, öst.musikfonds, bmukk, rema print, 3007 and many private supporters
fenster buch_innen buch_aussen
Photos: Jochen Fill, 3007wien

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8/ Rdeča Raketa  – old girl, old boy / CASSETTE
label Mosz (April 2010) visit Rdeča Raketa
Anyone who was ever in the lucky position to witness the adventurous sound expeditions of Liverpool’s turntable artist Philip Jeck will have a good idea of where the trip with duo Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander is going: into the seemingly limitless. Into a space, in any case, where the boundaries between improvisation and electronics, New Music and noise, free rock and visual art have been suspended. Only through this suspension – and not a moment earlier – something better arises. Something as good and audacious as RDEČA RAKETA. Equipped with their low pitch tools, the sub-bass recorder and e-bass, and together with up to four hands full of electronics, the radical duo maneuvers with bravura through a veritable, eerily beautiful jungle of wild sounds grown rampant, not to mention the undergrowth of gently sizzling to rudely fiery bits & bytes. “It’s like a jungle sometimes / and I wonder / how I keep from going under” – that’s how Grandmaster Flash once described this condition. Osojnik and Schellander go the extra mile and don’t lose control over the storm, even in the most turbulent situations. In the face of this acoustic adventure, we sit with ears wide open and can only marvel – at the agility of the two, and especially at the musicality that arises from it. Please don’t let this pass you by! (Andreas Fellinger, freiStil – magazin for music and environment)
Music by Rdeča Raketa, Modular Synthesizer, E-Bass, Paetzold Recorder, Electronic Devices, Toys, Recorded live at sonntags abstrakt, Postgarage Graz, on October 14th 2009. Concert mixed by Peter Venus, recorded by Marufura Fufunjiru. Mastered by Martin Siewert and Matija Schellander. Drawing Old Girl, Old Boy by Buba Čvorić, Design by
supported by ske-fonds
Photo: Zoe Fotografie

CASSETTE without shipping 7 €, with shipping 10 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…you can also order it by the label directly

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7/ Ensemble MIKADO – Born is the babe / CD
Renaissance Christmas Music
Label Gramola (December 2009), visit Ensemble MIKADO
i don’t know about you, but i get chills listening to this music, it is just bigger then life…

Ursula Strubinsky on
Who doesn’t know them: the songs “Vom Himmel hoch” (“From Heaven Above”), “In dulce jublio” or “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern” (“How lovely shines the Morning Star”)? Even in Renaissance times, they were already being sung at Christmas. Composers of that epoch applied themselves to these melodies and incorporated them into musical movements of their own. The Ensemble Mikado examines these different versions on their CD, “Born is the Babe”, and lets the familiar songs shine and sparkle in different arrangements. In the “early music” scene, the name Mikado stands for the audible perception of the pleasure of music making, well grounded expertise, flawless intonation and diverse arrangements.
The Christmas Story
The CD also includes less well-known Christmas carols from England, as well as purely instrumental pieces from Italy, Spain, England, Austria and the Netherlands. The pieces are generally arranged to tell the whole Christmas story, starting with the encounter between Mary and the Archangel Gabriel and leading to the inevitability that the newborn child will one day die on the cross.
Colorful Variety
With its brilliant and savory interpretations, the Ensemble Mikado reveals the grandiose command of their craft held by the masters of the Renaissance. Clear homophony and artful polyphony are just as notable as the touching simplicity and breath-taking virtuosity.
Furthermore, with its formation, the group can realize their full potential, as soprano singer Theresa Dlouhy is occasionally accompanied by contralto Maja Osojnik and baritone Thomas List. Usually, these two play the recorder, along with Katharina Lugmayr and Eva Reiter. Reiter, however, does not confine herself to the recorder, but alternates with the viola da gamba. The diverse talents of the ensemble give rise to numerous arrangements, which are, incidentally, arranged by the group themselves. On “Born is the Babe”, the ensemble of five performs a few pieces together with guests: they are joined by the gambist Christoph Urbanetz and the duo “Die Strottern”.
Photos: Lukas Beck

CD without shipping 18 €, with shipping 25 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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6/ Ensemble MIKADO – Can she excuse ? / CD
English Consort Music and Songs
Label Gramola (December 2009), visit Ensemble MIKADO
This CD got a Pasticcio Prize / Radio Ö1 – ORF

Review by Siegfried Busch, Windkanal 2/2009
The CD at hand leads us into England’s golden age of music. It is highly artistic music from Shakespearean times. Queen Elizabeth, who apparently threw a shoe at an overly impudent lord at court, is pictured on the trendy cover. The queen of the ensemble is Therese Dlouhy. The especially distinctive timbre of her high voice enchants in the twenty songs written by Dowland, Byrd and contemporaries – each dedicated to the ladies of their hearts – in moods ranging from high spirits to mortal sorrow. With her impeccable viola da gamba, Eva Reiter (who also plays recorder) forms Dlouhy’s perfect counterpart. On an equal footing, Katharina Lugmayr, Maja Osojnik and Thomas List complement the ensemble with a great sense for sounds and a natural aplomb for intonation on their recorders. The group sparkles with temperament and novel ideas. For instance, the soprano singer will occasionally take up an instrumental discant as vocalization, or the instruments will play breakneck diminutions to the vocals.
Photo: Lukas Beck

CD without shipping 18 €, with shipping 25 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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5/ Broken.Heart.Collector / 7” Vinyl
rock is hell records (october 2008), visit broken.heart.collector
Boatwischmusik: Music by bulbul & maja osojnik, Lyrics: maja osojnik
Strange Fruit: Lyrics & Music by Abel Meeropol, arranged by Broken.Heart.Collector, Design by Mackie Osborne

vinyl SOLD OUT!

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4/ low frequency orchestra – S /CD
Label Einklang Records (january 2008)
Recorded at echoraum, January 2006, Recorded and Mixed by Alfred Reiter, Mastered by Wolfgang Musil, Design: Christian Hochmeister
supported by ske-fonds
CD without shipping 12 €, with shipping 17 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…

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3/ Maja Osojnik Quartet – Oblaki so rdeči/die Wolken sind rot/Clouds are red
arrangments & compositions based on slovenian folkssongs
Label JazzWerkstatt Records (december 2006)
Recorded & Mixed by Werner Angerer, Mastered by Martin Siewert at Motone Sound, Design & Photos: 3007wien, Cover Photo: Rania Moslam
supported by ske-fonds

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2/ ensemble MIKADO – the dark is my delight / CD
English Consort Music and Songs
Label Edition Alte Musik ORF (september 2005), visit Ensemble MIKADO
Recorded in spring 2005, Kartause Mauerbach, Austria, ORF EDITION ALTE MUSIK, Producer: Bernhard Trebuch, Recording Producer: Erich Hofmann, Digital Engineer & Balance Engineer: Robert Pavlecka, Photos: Moritz Schell, Layout & Artwork: Fra Bernardo
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1/ ensemble mikado – kaltgepresst / CD
instrumental music from Middle Age to 20th Century,

label ostblock, recorded 2003 & released 2005, visit Ensemble MIKADO
Recorded at Yamaha Studios Vienna, Recording Producer, Digital Engineer & Balance Engineer: Andreas Hamza, Photos: Moritz Schell, Design: Mojca Osojnik

CD without shipping 10 €, with shipping 15 € within europe, outside of europe please contact me…