Michael Ternai MICA 2010 / Maja Osojnik

One is not wrong to assume that Maja Osojnik is one of the most versatile musicians working in this part of the world. As an artist, she is constantly on the look-out for new challenges, she repeatedly tries her hand in new musical fields, and she does not fear taking risks. She is a paragon of a free spirit, able to elude any attempts at categorization. For years now, Maja Osojnik has generated buzz with quite interesting projects in the field of contemporary music. No matter whether solo or with a band, time and again Osojnik spectacularly demonstrates her deep understanding of music.
In her music, the singer and flutist performs completely free from convention. Always treading the border between various genres, she attempts to reconcile different styles and varieties, even those that at first glance don’t seem to be compatible. For her, it is primarily about breaking fresh ground and exploring hitherto unknown sounds. Oscillating between the poles of electronic music, pop, and contemporary music, Osojnik extracts various elements out of this wide musical field, and in meticulous ways, she combines them to form a homogenous and coherent whole.