Eelco Schilder / folkworld / Maja Osojnik Band “Black Waters” / 2010

Eelco Schilder, Maja Osojnik Band “Black Waters” Viennese Soulfood Records, 2010
From Vienna comes the Slovenian singer/musician Maja Osjnik. Besides singing she is also a master at the recorder, but on this new album this awarded artist focuses on her singing. Although you can hear her soprano recorder, electronics and field recordings on several tracks. Don’t expect to get a traditional jazz record. Osojnik shows to be a fantastic composer, musician and a creative mind. She mixes Slovenian folk songs with original work and blend experimental jazz with ethnic and light rock influences in a very natural way. Using electronic added sounds she creates her own universe. Without being explosive music, Osojnik sings in a direct and energetic way. Her unexpected twists, small musical jokes put a smile on my face and in-between I get amazed by the beautiful and authentic music she creates. This Black Waters or Črne vode as the original title sounds. Is a strong new album by an artist with international quality.