+ Sound Installation for Mahler Forum, Doorways 9 for Orchestra for the Earth, July 2022
+ Music for a film rebirding by michaela schwentner / 2022
+ new solo album in work / hopefull starting this year
+ Unisono, music for a dance piece, commissioned by MAKEMAKE / 2023

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an audio-visual poem with Spitz-Wegerich by and with Natascha Gangl (text, voice), Birgit Kellner & Christian Schlechter (live drawing, stage, objects, projections), Maja Osojnik & Manfred Engelmayr (live music, composition), Felix Huber (light, production) / Objects built by Felix Huber, Maxe Mackinger, Rebekah Wild & Spitzwegerich, consultation by Asli Kislal, Rebekah Wild, externship: Johanna Egger, in cooperation with Schubert Theatre Vienna, friendly supported by Culture department of City of Vienna, BMKOES Austria.

EINSAME AMEISEN AMNESIE (2021) – a soundcomic inspired by Anestis Logothetis / Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander) & Nikos Zachariadis (video), commisioned by Kunstradio-Radiokunst Ö1/ORF, live premiere 08.11.2021 in Studio3, RKH at the Festival WIEN MODERN, radio premiere on 28.11.2021

Anestis Logothetis was an avant-gardist: he explored graphic notation in the fifties, composed electroacoustic music in the early sixties, and developed the “Musical Radio Play” in the early seventies. Between 1971 and 1975 he produced a series of score fragments whose central motifs were insects. In 2021, on the occasion of his 100th birthday, these sketches will be made available to the public for the first time, and will become the starting point for a new audio-visual composition. It is the names of ants, butterflies and moths, and it is quotations from biology, cybernetics and Greek mythology that trigger Logothetis’ associative language games on these sheets which, arranged from organic ornaments to wild explosions, draw the viewer into his ambiguous acoustic fantasies. These sheets reveal aesthetic principles that want to be interpreted and taken further, that celebrate pleasurable experimentation, and that open up new and unusual spaces in their transformation into the present. The sketch sheets thereby become also the atmospheric-visual content of the presentation, finding an independent abstract form, and, in essence, becoming performers, themselves.

The title “EINSAME AMEISEN AMNESIE“ is an anagram and can be translated as “Lonely Ants Amnesia”

A DIVINE COMEDY by Florentina Holzinger (2021), for 2 violins, cello, organ 6 piano, electronics,  music & sound design: Maja Osojnik & Stefan Schneider, for more information click here

RDEČA RAKETA … and cannot reach the silence / NEW RECORD coming out in may 2021 in collaboration with VENTIL records and MAMKA records

JINGLE & A RAT SONG (EPISODE BLAME IV.) for the podcast Series Transmission: A series of five podcasts on Disease and Pandemics on a Distorted World by Ines Doujak & John Barker, first premiere Liverpool Biennial 2021 (UK)

The podcast series looks at the social and cultural history of pandemics, beginning with the global transmission of diseases that was facilitated by European colonialism. Interwoven with spoken word, music and songs, Doujak and Barker consider how the spread of disease, parasite and infestation throughout history has created a dehumanised language, which has entered political vocabulary, specifically directed at migrants, minorities and the poor.
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial. This project was produced in collaboration with Phileas, with support from the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport of Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum London and the Estate of Fanchon Fröhlich.

DOORWAYS 8 (2020), for voice & breath / a composition & an object postcard as a part of the project “kleine post”, comissioned by Kultur Niederösterreich

Natascha Gangl – text, voice
RDEČA RAKETA aka Maja Osojnik (composition, electronics, pätzold bass, harmonium, vocals, voice, field recordings) & Matija Schellander (composition, electronics, contrabass, voice, field recordings)
choir, voice donations by Isabel Baloun, Raumschiff Engelmayr, Kristin Gruber, Lisa Kortschak, Klemens Lendl, Manu Mayr, Rania Moslam, Doris Müller, David Müller, Stephan Richter, Bernd Satzinger, Christian Schlechter, Christoph Stadler, Patrick Wurzwallner.
Radio Premiere: 05.07.2020, 23:00, Ö1 Kunstradio Radiokunst
prize for the best original radio play in Ö1/ORF 2020

comissioned by Ö1 & Kunstradio ORF, friendly supported also by SKE-FONDS and Austrian Ministry for Art and Culture.

DOORWAYS 7 (2020),
composed for Names, 13’ (UA: 27.03.2020 at Festival Aspekte Salzburg)

DOORWAYS 6 (2019), composed for Weave, 11’ (UA: 10.12.2019 in Klub Gromka, Kud Mreza, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

music for a dance performance, tape (20′), choreography: vita osojnik, dance company Dantzaz Spain (in cooperation with PTL slovenia), Composition friendly supported by BKA Austria

Vita Osojnik (PTL-Eslovenia) Sept 2019 “Hombre Masa” from Dantzaz on Vimeo.

W A R D (2019)  for violin, cello, double bass, trumpet in Bb, trombone and piano and 4-5 human manipulators, commisioned by and composed for Studio Dan Vienna, Premiere: 04.10.2019 at MusikProtokoll Graz, Austria

NESTING (IN) SECRETS (2019) my first bird house made out of recycled wood, paper and secret (love) letters. dedicated to B. and exhibited as a part of this wonderful art project for the birds by fantastic, one and only claudia märzendorfer. thank you everybody who trusted me and contributed your love letters. Opening of this collective aeronautic sculpture garden on display in the tree population on the premises of the Landesklinikum Hollabrunn on 11.06.2019 (permanent exhibition)

Radio Play and live performance NATASCHA GANGL & RDEČA RAKETA
comissioned by Ö1 & Kunstradio ORF, friendly supported also by SKE-FONDS

Premiere: 30.10.2017, Radio Premiere: Ö1 Kunstradio, 14.01.2018, 23:00

ORAKEL & SPEKTAKEL – Ein Fest für Unica Zürn (2017) – music for a theatre piece, 8 – channel sound installation (17 voices), tape, voice, electronics, keyboard, commisioned by and composed for Kabinetttheater Vienna, Premiere: 04.10.2017, friendly supported by BKA Austria, SKE-Fonds
Textmontagen, Zwischentexte, Dramaturgie: Natascha Gangl
Komposition, live: Stimme, Tonband, Electronics, Microkorg XL: Maja Osojnik
Bühnenbild, Figuren: Julia Reichert, Christian Schlechter

Mio, mein Mio (2016) – tape for 6-chanell surround, drums & percussion, glockenspiel, choir (2-5 voices) (80′), Book by Astrid Lindgren, commisoned by and composed for Landestheater St.Pölten, Premiere: 13.11.2016 (playtime season 2016/2017 till June), friendly supported by BKA Austria.

Snow Falls (2016) – Stereo-Channel Sound Installation (24′ Loop),
commissioned by Disko 404 for Forum Stadtpark Graz, Opening: 1.11.2016 – 1.01.2017 (18:00 – 08:00 every day) supported by SKE Fonds Austria
Der Ausgang für das Material und die Form der Komposition ist die Faszination für die komplexen Strukturen der Schneeflocken, bzw. die Architektur von Schnee im großem und ganzen. Die Komposition “Snow falls” ist eine freie Interpretation der Schnee-­‐bildung. Die hohen kristallklaren Klänge, die entweder analog mit Field Recordings und Aufnahmen von Instrumenten wie Glockenspiel, Weingläser, Spieluhren, etc. oder digital und synthetisch prozessiert und erzeugt wurden, binden sich in verschiedenen Variationen zu Klangtrauben
zusammen. Sie kleben aufeinander, ballen sich zusammen und verdichten sich in die Klanggewächse, die somit zu einer Klangfläche, zu “Klangschnee” verwachsen. Darüber liegt beschwörender, sich wiederholender Gesang (“snow falls”), bis sich auch dieser zu einer Vokalise verdichtet und dadurch auflöst. Das Stück ruft nach den Schnee, wird quasi
zu einem Schneeflockentanz. Der Schnee soll fallen und den Klang der Installation dämpfen, bis sich diese im Schnee auflöst und verstummt.

NOSILA SEM TUJE OTROKE (OTHERS PEOPLE CHILDREN) (2016) – tape for a dance piece by Vita Osojnik, premiere: 20.10.2016 / SLO / Ljubljana / PTL / repetitions 21.10., 22.10., 3.11. & 4.11.
The body feels the need, the head doesn’t. I am an eternal observer, an observer of others in recreation and procreation. Maybe I don’t like transformation, maybe (my) mission lies elsewhere. I don’t feel the need to be a carrier, even though I do carry. I do not feel the need to carry, even though I do. When the period of complete nonsense arrives, I lift up and I carry. All my children. Is this carrying only a substitute for the lack of perception of biological realities? I am a woman, I am a human, I am me … My body, my thoughts, my voice. I came naked and I did not meet (you).”

GENESIS PARK (2016) – A THEATRICAL INSTALLATION / MAKEMAKE & Music (Tape & Sound Installations): RDEČA RAKETA, premiere on 28.9.2016 in F23, Vienna
(excerpt from working on “du bist eine katastrophe”)

LET THEM GROW – my first solo recording with electroacoustic compositions & songs (release 2016)

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (2015) – Tape for a dance piece by VITA OSOJNIK, Music by Rdeča Raketa, first premiere will be @ TISCH SCHOOL OF ARTS BROADWAY – NY (USA) in december 2015
Photos by Tony Dougherty

THE POINT OF NO RETURN (2105) – 4-Channel Sound Installation (25′ Loop) commisioned by and for RAUM LENTOS | Listening Post / OPENING ON 22.10.2015 / 19:00, supported by BKA AUSTRIA

The Composition premiered on 8.10.2015 in Festival Phonofemme in Foyer Berio Saal / Konzerthaus Vienna, thankfully supported by SKE-FONDS
The foyer is a passage. It’s a place between an outside world and a spectacel in a concert hall. People share there space and time before they become spectators of a show. The type and range of motion of this space is scanned by Katharina Ernst, Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander. Using double bass, percussion and electronic sound created architectures, which are moved in different ways: with their own bodies. By electronic means. By the audience.
Katharina Ernst , Maja Osojnik , Matija Schellander : performative sound art


new composition commissioned by Saalfelden Jazz Festival, premiered on 28.8.2015 with Kaja Draksler, Audrey Chen, Matija Schellander, Manu Mayr, Lukas König and me

NMO (2015) Collaboration with OPCION on his new record, MONOS UND..
release GOD REC 2015

EINER VON UNS / ONE OF US (2015) –  feature film from stephan richter, production: golden girls, music: matija schellander & maja osojnik


ESCAPES (2015), Raumklang Variationen (from the Series: “the world is tired – a dystopic diary) – for brass orchestra, commisioned from MUKU ARTACTS FESTIVAL and dedicated to Musikkapelle St. Johann in Tirol, 39’00”, supported by Muku Artacts and bka (first performance on 7.3.2015 at the Festival Muku Artacts)
some words to it in german:

few examples:

KONS.5. (2014) (from the Series: “the world is tired – a dystopic diary) – for violin, viola, cello, 2 double-bass, flute, english horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet in Bb, trombone, percussion, drums, piano, electronics & voice, commissioned from and dedicated to STUDIO DAN, 9’00”
supported by bka, studio dan (first performance planed in 2015 autumn)
few examples:

“ADJUSTING THE BLEACH” (2014), 10 min
using “mistaken sounds” / sounds that happened in different private recordings, that were ment to fulfill an intended goal, but came out as the result of digital mistakes, unwillingly distorted, overdriven, phase shifted, useless. those unforeseen sounds, the “rejects” now make the perfect reality.

A Song in the Dark (2014) – for voice, kassette recorders & electronics, tape, commissioned from Ines Doujak & John Barker for Film Utopian Pulse – Flares in the Darkroom, 8’30” (UA: Diagonale Sao Paolo, Brasil, 2.9.2014)

Wende (2013) (from the Series: “the world is tired – a dystopic diary) – for 2 Wooden Ratchet players, 4 F-Bass Paetzold Recorders, Cello, Double Bass, 2 electric Guitars, commissioned from and dedicated to snim kollekiv vienna, 13′ – 16′ (UA: Der kleine Schubladenkasten Festival in Echoraum Vienna, 9.11.2013), supported by bmukk, snim

Traversing the balkans (2013) / historical roadmovie – music from rdeča raketa for the silent movies (ua: juni 2013) – in cooperation with karl wratschko from filmarchive
supported by bmukk

Anbetracht&Dessen (2013) – for Paetzold Recorder, Voice, Sprechchor, E-guitar, Double Bass, Modular Synthesizer, Drums and Tape (iincluded a little Soundinstallation from 12  small Breitband Speakers), commissioned vor the Theater piece Moskau-Petuschki, 70′ (UA: 23.1.2013 in Palais Kabelwerk Vienna)
supported by bmukk, ske-fonds, stadt wien cultural department

The Radiance of Exhaustion I. (2012) (from the Series: “the world is tired – a dystopic diary) – for violin, viola and e-guitar, commissioned from Ensemble Frzt, 16’32” (UA: 18.11.2012, Series Neue Musik St.Ruprecht in Vienna)
supported by bmukk, ske-fonds

Wir Werden (2012) – Tape, collective Composition with Matija Schellander (Rdeča Raketa), 44′ (released as LP by God Rec)
supported by bmukk, ske-fonds

A journey into the mind of p.p. (2011) – for 4 Tapes, Electronics, Paetzold Recorders, Piano, collective Composition of SUBSHRUBS, commissioned by Musik Protokoll Graz, composed by Cine Chamber, 15′ (UA: 6.10.2012, Dom im Berg, Graz)
supported by musik protokoll, ORF

Pas de deux (2011) – for f-bassett Recorder, Bass Calrinet, 2 Cassette-Player, 2 Megaphons, commissioned by Ensemble Dos à dos, 13′ (UA: 25.9.2011, Reihe Neue Musik St.Ruprecht in Vienna)
supported by ske-fonds

Blendung I-IV (2010) – for á capella vocalensemble & electronics & 4 cassetteplayer, collective composition rdeca raketa, commissioned by hortus musicus, 18′
supported by ske-fonds

Dämmerung (2010) as 1 Part of a  Composition „1/8 von 3/4 Tag“ – composed for 4 Melodicas, Metal-trash-Objects, Piano, Electronics, 2 Bass Paetzold Recorders, composed for Subshrubs, 33’45’’
supported by musik aktuell, ske-fonds

čira čara (2010) – Composition & Installation for Maja Osojnik Band and Guests, Videos by Oma International, for 52 Weinglases, Trumpet, Vibraphon, Glockenspiel, “Geräuschkapelle”, Piano, Acordion, E-Guitar, Double Bass, Drums, live Electronics, dream machines, light mobiles….105′, commissioned by ORF & GlattundVerkehrt (UA: JULY 2010, Festival GlattundVerkehrt, Minoriten Church, Krems)
supported by glattundverkehrt, ORF, musik aktuell

little dream machine (2010)for 15 Blowinstruments and 50 Strings, Miniature for RSO Orchestra Vienna (Dauer:1’06’’)

del mene je narejen iz stekla (2009)Tape for Dance performance, Choreographie: Vita Osojnik, Video: Vita Osojnik & Aljoša Korenčan, Dancegroup Mana, 56’03’’ (First Performance in Theater Prešeren Kranj Slovenia)
supported by ske-fonds

white (2009) for Rotator from Ron Arad, Electronics, Tapes and Video, collective Composition from FRUFRU, 10′ (UA, MAK Vienna, 2009)

Ces’t un Tamanoir (2008) for 2 Bassett Recorders, 2 Loops and 2 amplified Eggclocks, collektive composition of FRUFRU, 9′ (UA, MAK Vienna, 2009)

mute#2 (2008) for four Voices and electronics, 7′ (UA: 3.10.2008 with Subshrubs in Festival Kontraste Krems)

yellow (2008) for wuzlertisch (football table) & Electronics, collective Composition of FRU (with Angélica Castelló), (UA: 7.6.2008, Festival Fünfhaus in Echoraum)

doorways (2008) for 1-99 Instrumente, composed for Subshrubs, 12’(UA: 31.5.2008 in Festival e-may/Cosmos Theatre Vienna)
supported by stadt wien music department

doorways 1 (2008)

doorways 2 (2009)

doorways 3 (2013)

doorways 5 (2013)

Brücken (2008)2 Miniatures for Tape, composed for Binar, 2’20’’ (UA: 27.4.2008 in Koncert Series Kultur.Kirche, Linz)

vor.über.nach (2008) for 2 Recorders, Soprano, Electronics, Tape and Video, composed for Binar, 7’20’’ (UA: 27.4.2008 in Koncert Series Kultur.Kirche, Linz)
supported by ske-fonds

Lady with the Swans (2008), Music for the short Animationsfilm from Malin Rosenqvist, 4’44’’ (UA: 23.2.2008, Vernissage “to use lautrec” in National Art Museum Stockholm, Sweden)
(c) malin rosenqvist

Aus dem Mund (2007), Music for the Children Theatre Piece
– for Voice, Recorders and Electronics, in Collaborations with Christian Reiner, 43′ (UA: Nov 2008, Dschungel Vienna (Cooperation with Wien Modern and Swedish Weeks)

Songs from Mortagapenija (2007) – Lyrics and Composition for 2 Voices, 2 Recorders, Bassoon, Double Bass, Drums, 2 E-Guitars, Vibraphon, div. Toys, Electronics and Tape, composed for LFO and Guests, 55′ (UA: 30.10.2007, Maknite im MAK – Museum for applied Arts Vienna)
supported by ske-fonds

Die glückliche Kindheit am Dorf  (2007) – Video and Composition for 2 Ventilators, Recorders, Electronics, 2 recordplayers, composed for FRU FRU, 25′ (UA: August, Festival Reheat Kleylehof, Austria)

Das Angebot gültig bis… (2006) – for Subshrubs, 10′ (UA: september 20006, Amann Studio Vienna)

CUTS (2003 – 2008)  – collective pieces with low frequency orchestra

Ujeti trenutki/Gefangene Momente (2003) – for recorder, double bass, drums,  live- electronics and 2 Dancers, 11′ (UA: Oct 2003, Vienna Music University)

ancor2000 (2000) – for Recorder, Tape & Delay, 7′ (UA: oct 2000, Competiiton Gradus ad Parnassum, Vienna)