Christopher Nosnibor / / Broken.Heart.Collector

Christopher Nosnibor,
I can’t stop playing this album, and with every play it reveals new facets. It’s intriguing, unusual, compelling, diverse… and yet trying to define or explain just what it is that makes it so good is like catching a cloud in a net. I anguished over how I should go about reviewing it. Eventually, I remembered the many reviews I’ve read and the frustration I’ve felt on so many occasions through the years. What do I, as a music fan, want from a review, especially if its of a band I’m unfamiliar with? Essentially, I want to know two things. 1) What does it sound like? 2) Is it any good?
So what does it sound like? Veering between the filmic, jazz noir of ‘The Average Weight of Love’ to the heavy, Swans-like grinding of ‘Eisenwalzer’, BHC spans many moods and is wildly unpredictable in every sense, not least of all the unconventional song structures. The yawning woodwind on ‘Eckig’ is completely at odds with the hectic percussion – to the extent that it sounds like two different songs being played simultaneously – and it should be a horrible mess, but perversely, it works, and magnificently. Stepping deftly and effortlessly from the swamp jazz of ‘cestni crv’ to the light vocal melodies of ‘Wolves’ which has an almost poppy feel – at least until it transmogrifies into something entirely different
Is it any good? Yes. Very good indeed.