Christopher Nosnibor / Rdeča Raketa – Wir Werden / 2013
Although the two movements – each corresponding with a side of vinyl – comprise sub-sections, with ‘Wir Werden’ containing four separate pieces and ‘Andere Menschen’ composed of three, they bleed together to form single expanses of sound, each running to around twenty minutes in duration.
Over their course, brooding landscapes are sculpted from shifting tones, a piano note stretched out to a drone against scrapes and a squall of white noise and tectonic rumblings. Hushed at first, a gentle sonic breeze drifts before building into a swirling vortex of sound… a blizzard of insect noise in against an Arctic wind as the title track first soothes and then assaults the listener.
Over on side two, ‘Andere Menschen’ builds a tranquil atmosphere with delicate chimes before exploding into blasts of destructive noise that form a punishing rhythm.
As an album, ‘Wir Werden’ isn’t short on drama or imagination, and as an experience, it’s both cerebral and physical, making for a listen that’s sometimes pleasant, sometimes challenging, but continually inspired.