Richard Rees Jones / Broken.Heart.Collector / Vienna Rhiz / November 2010

Viennese Waltz, Words on music by Richard Rees Jones, Broken Heart Collector, Vienna Rhiz, 30 November 2010
The Rhiz was packed out for this appearance by what, as far as I can make out, is a fluid unit consisting of fun-loving improv-noise-rock trio Bulbul together with Maja Osojnik on vox and devices and Susanna Gartmayer on reeds. Bulbul seem to relish being fronted by slightly unhinged female singers: cf. 2008′s gig at the Rhiz at which the group gave repeated depth and colour to Carla Bozulich’s angular vocal interventions. Osojnik was, if anything, an even more arresting presence than Bozulich had been, while her dramatic and surreal texts were thrown sharply into focus by Bulbul’s splintering sonic constructions and Gartmayer’s restlessly agitated reeds work.