RifRaf 217, France / print / Maja Osojnik ’Let Them Grow’ / Rock Is Hell Records/Unrecords / 02 /2016

La Slovénie à l’époque yougoslave, Maja Osojnik y est née. Avant de partir à Vienne, on l’imagine aisément cô-toyer Peter Rehberg. Sans doute admire-telle ses collaborations avec Gisèle Vienne, la grande chorégraphe. Car elle-même artiste sonore, entre musique, théâtre et performance, la bientôt quadragénaire met le cap sur la quête de soi. Que faire de sa vie entre fureur bruitiste et calme apparent, entre restes de mélodie et variations atonales? Continue reading

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“Born in Slovenia and a resident of Vienna, Maja Osojnik, performer, composer, electroacoustic musician and sound artist, uses her voice, paetzoid bass recorder (long wooden reed with keys), melodicas, radios, tape players together with field recordings abandoned (deserted) pianos, electronics with DJ CD player plus several guitar pedals and releases her first solo album after 14 albums with her band. Feedback loops, sounds of rain and machines in full function, ping-pong balls, seagulls, detuned pianos in combination with drones, hard beats and sonic miniatures together with mechanical breaths and, of course, the dramatic voice of Osojnik make Let Them Grow a strangely (mysteriously) dark musical work” Continue reading

Ondarock, Italy, 02/2016

ONDAROCK ITALY, 05.02.2016

Forte di svariate esperienze di gruppo (Low Frequency Orchestra, Frufru, etc.), che culminano con una propria band (“Crne Vode”, 2010), e una serie di pièce per nastri ed elettronica e installazioni (“Random Act Of Kindness”, “Adjusting The Bleach”, “All The Terms Are Here”, “Escapes”, etc.) la viennese Maja Osojnik debutta con la sua opera personale, “Let Them Grow”, un album selvaggiamente sperimentale. Continue reading

OPCION – MONOS/UND (LP by God Records) in Vitalweekly

OPCION – MONOS/UND (LP by God Records)

From Graz, Austria hails Nikos Zachariadis, who works as Opcion and his working principle is ‘reconfiguration’ by which he means ‘to use existing materials, structures, ideas, techniques, conditions, machines etc., to create new intense, gloomy or strident atmospheres and situations’. He was part of the label Splitterwerk until 2011, and exhibited his work at festivals around the world. This is his first record and on both sides he does something different. On the ‘Und’ side we find three pieces he recorded with a guest instrumentalist, Maja Osojnik (Paetzold bass recorder), Bernard Loibner (electric bass) and Kurt Bauer (violin). Continue reading

Nowa Muzyka Polen, Łukasz Komła writes about my new album

W końcu doczekaliśmy pierwszego solowego albumu słoweńskiej artystki.

Maja Osojnik od wielu lat mieszka i tworzy w Wiedniu. Przede wszystkim jest to wielce utalentowana wokalistka, improwizatorka i kompozytorka. W swoich pracach wykorzystuje nagrania terenowe, sample, masę urządzeń elektronicznych, zabawki, znalezione przedmioty etc. Artystka swobodnie porusza się wśród różnych gatunków takich jak muzyka współczesna, eksperymentalna, jazz, swobodna improwizacja czy soundart. W 2013 roku współorganizowała Viennese Soulfood Festival. Udziela się także w Broken.Heart.Collector, Rdeča Raketa, Maja Osojnik Band, frufru, Ensemble MIKADO, Low Frequency Orchestra, Subshrubs. Continue reading

Nitestylez, Germany, Opcion: MONOS / UИD

Opcion – MONOS / UИD [God Records 032 Promo]

Coming in from the Graz / Austria-based producer Opcion, better known as Nikos Zachariadis to his friends and parents, is the artists album debut entitled “MONOS / UИD” which has been released via God Records in early December 2k15. Whilst the inside-out pressed “MONOS” side of this six track piece features three Opcion solo efforts based on swelling, highly digital sounding feedback drones and dark’n’abstract, heavily compressed slow motion drums causing a deeply unsettling feel similar to Illbient vibes catered on Mille Plateaux’ legendary “Electric Ladyland” compilation series, especially thinking of tunes produced by the likes of Ice or Slotek here, the “UИD” side features three collaborational affairs in which the artist teams up with the likes of Maja Osojnik, Bernhard Loibner and Kurt Bauer for one conjunctional track each. The collaboration with Maja Osojnik sticks out here due to its more lively, aggressive and – in parts – heavily distorted, yet beatless nature, the work with Bernhard Loibner results in harsh, screeching metallic noises, feedbacks and merciless, irregular drum patterns and finally teaming up with Kurt Bauer brings tense, squeaky pulses and eruptive modulations for those who loving their B-movie sci-fi scores and BBC Radiophonic Workshop experimentalism to the fullest. Count us in for that.


Jazz Session: Gipfeltreffen SWR2, Höhepunkte vom Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2015 (1/3).

Jazz Session: Gipfeltreffen, Höhepunkte vom Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2015 (1/3). Mit Maja Osojnik, Jü mit Kjetil Moster und Mostly Other People Do The Killing

Nachdem sich Trompeter Peter Evans aus der Band Mostly Other People verabschiedet hatte, nahm das Quartett einen radikalen Wechsel vor: Mit dem Pianisten Ron Stabinsky änderte sich der Ensemble-Klang entscheidend. Dennoch behielt die Band ihre ästhetische Ausrichtung bei: dezent ironisch unterspülte Erkundungen an der Grenze zwischen Komposition und Improvisation, zwischen Tradition und Postmoderne. Dieser künstlerisch-philosophischen Strömung folgten konsequent auch Maja Osojnik und das ungarische Power-Trio Jü (mit Gast-Saxofonist Kjetil Møster) – die Konfrontation musikalisch konträrer Elemente, die Negation der Geschlossenheit. Diese Konzertmitschnitte vom 36. Jazzfestival Saalfelden belegen, wie weitgefächert das Stilspektrum gerade in jenem Bereich ist, der sich dem Mainstream widersetzt. (Harry Lachner)